Abel Faivre: “The Witty Medical Caricaturist of the 20th Century!”

Come and discover the temporary exhibition about the artist Abel Faivre (1867-1945), painter, press illustrator, caricaturist, and poster artist. An opportunity to dive into his humorous and satirical universe that dates back to the period of the Belle Époque and the Great Wars of the 20th century.

Abel Faivre, "The Representation of the Doctor and the Patient in Caricature"

Vue sur la salle Galien
Photo credit Christophe Géral L'aventure

Abel Faivre was more than just an artist; he came from a family of doctors, which undoubtedly influenced his work and humor. In the pages of the most famous newspapers of the time, such as “Le Rire” and “Le Journal,” he delighted or unsettled his readers with sharp humorous drawings about doctors, their patients, and medical practices.

His incisive pen and mischievous pencil earned him a reputation as a specialist in the field. Abel Faivre was also a fervent advocate in the fight against tuberculosis, and his success allowed him to use his art to raise awareness about this devastating disease.

The exhibition “The Representation of the Doctor and the Patient in Caricature” awaits you at the Museum of Medical History in Hautefort. Whether you’re passionate about art history, science, or simply seeking entertainment, this exhibition is tailor-made for you!

Reminder : Exhibition available for a limited time.

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